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Lista completa delle funzioni

Qui sotto troverete la lista completa delle funzionalitá di Motive:Tracker che includono:
Camera control and frame sync
Tracking, solving, and labeling
Data management & post
External integration

Tracking, solving, and labeling

  • Track up to 2,000 markers with the industry’s most precise point cloud reconstruction
  • Manual trajectory labeling for non-rigid groups of markers
  • One-click rigid body creation
  • Customizable rigid body solver parameters, including:
    • Deflection and flexibility
    • Dynamic and static constraints
    • Marker sharing
    • Kalman smoothing
  • System health monitoring and event logging ensure that every stage in the workflow operates optimally and potential problems easily are identified if issues arise
  • Multi-camera Rigid Body tracking
  • 3 marker minimum per Rigid Body for 6DoF
  • 7 marker maximum per Rigid Body
  • Max Rigid Bodies: 32
  • Redundant Rigid Body marker hand-off

Camera control and frame sync

  • Camera manager with drag-and-drop migration between camera groups
  • Synchronization control, including frame delivery and shutter offset
  • Setting presets for quickly tuning cameras to specific uses
    • Tracking
    • Scene video reference
    • Aiming
    • Custom
  • Complete control of camera settings
    • Frame rate
    • Exposure
    • Threshold
    • Illumination (strobed or continuous)
    • Gain
    • Filter Switcher
  • Full-frame, synchronized, calibrated reference video with 3D overlay for compatible cameras
  • Aim Assist integration for compatible cameras
  • Auto-masking of all 2D camera views with a single click
  • Pixel inspection tool for measuring pixel brightness anywhere on any camera
  • Back-projection of 3D marker data onto source 2D camera images
  • Detailed camera activity and health indicators overlaid on 2D camera views

External integration

  • SMPTE Time Code support for recorded and streamed data (via eSync)
  • Flexible real-time streaming:
    • Free MotionBuilder plugin (7.5, 2009-2013)
    • IKinema Action for Maya (2009-2013)
    • VRPN
    • Trackd
    • OptiTrack's custom NatNet SDK
  • Bypass the Motive UI and integrate tracking directly into your applications using the Motive API
  • External sync in/out:
    • Genlock (via eSync)
    • General purpose sync in/out (via eSync or OptiHub)
    • Broadcast simple XML UDP packet for start/stop record for triggering remote devices
    • Compatibility with 3D Shutter Glasses (via eSync or OptiHub)


  • Automatic lens detection, with support for custom lenses
  • Support for standard OptiTrack wands and custom wand sizes
  • Calibrate multiple camera groups with unique settings
  • 3D capture volume visualization based on the desired number of overlapping cameras
  • Perform new, full calibrations or refinements of existing calibrations
  • Utilize volume visualizations and measurement tools to assess system health and tracking accuracy

Data management & post

  • New data management system:
    • Drag-and-drop asset management
    • Paste in shot lists from clipboard
    • New integrated Take files include 2D, 3D, and skeletal data, with optional 2D data archiving
    • Detailed file metadata for each take, including assets and health indicators
  • Optional offline trajectorization:
    • Improved solves for complex, high-density point clouds
    • Re-trajectorization with new camera or subject calibrations
  • New data scrubber:
    • Take health indicators reveal gaps in data
    • Channel view for X, Y, Z editing
    • Tracks view for quickly identifying and re-labeling or merging mislabeled and unidentified trajectories
  • Trajectory editing tools
    • Fix swapped trajectories
    • Fill gaps manually or automatically
    • Move trajectories up/down
    • Smoothing, with customizable filter cutoff frequency
    • Manual labeling, including support for custom markersets
  • Solve to skeletal data in Motive, or export opticals for external solving
  • Export formats:
    • C3D for optical data
    • FBX for optical, rigid body, and skeletal data
    • BVH for rigid body and skeletal data
    • CSV for optical and rigid body data

Camera Support

  • Up to 24 USB Cameras
  • Up to 96+ Ethernet cameras
  • Synchronized scene video reference
  • Multi-Camera calibration

Requisiti di sistema minimi

I requisiti di sistema possono variare notevolmente in base al modello della camera e dal numero. Si prega di visitare la pagina Visualizza Bundle Disponibili, per trovare raccomandazioni di sistema su misura per la configurazione specifica.

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